Carriage Works, Sydney

It was a real pleasure to hang out at a creative space called Carriage Works.
When I opened the door to go in,
I was welcomed by a large-scale artwork called "folding space" by Katharina Grosse.
Kids running around, people taking pictures inside,
I took my shoes off to feel what it feels like to walk in space.
It almost felt like I was walking on a gigantic painted canvas.

Inspiration ★★★☆
Cost ★☆☆☆


Farmers Market

In front of Carriage Works, they hold Farmers Market every week.
There's organic produce, full of colour, smell of coffee, people with smile, beautiful flowers, 
plenty of things to eat, cheese, honey, bread, even Korean bibimbap are available.
There's so much life to explore here.
An old musician teaching a kid how to play cello caught my eyes. 
He told me he started playing cello 71 years ago!

Inspiration ★★★☆
Cost ★☆☆☆